Pisces – Zodiac Sign

February 19 – March 19

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Pisces Woman

She is a riddle, constantly in flux, emotionally vulnerable yet bravely defensive, a deep, reflective pool of swirling psychic energy with inherit insights that are often so dead on, it can be snaky! She’s a cosmic goodness, a fairy princes and has the savvy of an old gypsy woman, wise beyond her years but the face of an angel, forever young with dancing eyes that are the window to a clear, sweet soul and a pure heart. She will work tirelessly, make countless sacrifices and bestow favor upon favor for those she loves. A fondness for nature, children and all living things, she respects the Creator and holds church daily with her inner being. Often highly spiritual, sometimes religious and always flowing rich with the compassion and milk of human kindness, she is the most elusive, yet prized catch of the Zodiac. Just when you think you have, ‘landed her,’ she’ll slip from your grasp and swim to deeper waters. To woo her back, you must learn to put your own best, ‘spiritual foot foreword,’ and join her with open, honest, emotionally revealing insights of your true, ‘inner self.’ Once you have found her, never let her go and all your evenings will be ‘enchanted.’

Pisces Man

No man of the Zodiac comes in a wider swath of varieties, kinds, types, mutations and variations than Pisces man! He can be punctual, fastidious, traditional, reserved, cautious, conservative, up tight, frugal and not easily tempted or he can be the extreme to that; a careless, risk taking, unpredictable, generous, foolish, fearless, wishful thinking, day-dreaming, push over, who tries new things every day, with every one and never shows up on time for any one of them! Then, there’s your, “Mr. In-Between;” charming combinations of, ‘one extreme to the other,’ in a tossed salad of traits that may be absolutely, perfectly selected and assembled by our Maker, hand picked and designed, as if it were, ‘just for you!’ Look for the manufacturer’s tag on his behind, but don’t rip it off until you are absolutely sure you’re taking this model home for life. Try not to ruin it for some other woman, for whom he may be just as, ‘absolutely perfect.’ My daddy used to say, “One man’s meat, is another man’s poison,” and while daddy didn’t know diddly-squat about Astrology, he was teaching me about loving a Pisces man, however, I didn’t know it at the time. Should you find, ‘just the right one,’ of these Slippery, Silver Fish at the end of your line, hook him and REEL him in, REAL fast!

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Same Sex – Pisces

Feminine Personasamesex

Pisces released in the female persona is soft, willowy, gullible, needy and about as helpless as a barracuda at feeding time. Never underestimate that soft, vulnerable exterior. They are shrewd, clever and get what they want by crying wolf or any other means that ‘work.’ Listen closely and you will hear that helpless lilt vanish from their voice as they are told what to do once too often. Natives are tender, loving and almost ‘psychically,’ foresighted. Sensual and seductive; you’ve been had before you realize you were even there.

Masculine Persona

Pisces is a feminine energy sign. Released in the masculine persona there is humor; gallant, persuasive, endearing… rich in charm; class and cleverness. They are a slippery Fish and not as easily caught as the playfulness with the hook would lead you to believe. Natives possess great passion that is hot and sweet and exists to impress. Their performance in all things excels. They glide away from the truth to anesthetize until they can digest. They come in a wide variety but all these traits are present is some form or another and to one extreme or the other.

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